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Making Money Online – Part Two – Trending Online Businesses that could grab your attention – by Lauren van Rooyen

Making Money Online – Part Two – Trending Online Businesses that could grab your attention – by  Lauren van Rooyen

Subsequent to Part 1 of my article featured in the June/July 2021 Edition (which can also be viewed in the BLOG section of our website), where I went into detail on two of the big money-making online magnets namely Training and Blogging, Part 2 is going to accentuate other profitable online businesses worth considering.

As the founder of a large women’s group, I am often privy to conversations with my esteemed members regarding the problems they encounter as women in business.  Recently I held a MomBoss “Live” highlighting the importance for women to be afforded equal opportunities and treatment as members of the workforce. Even though there is still much room for improvement, one of the positive outcomes of inequality that emerged is that women have been stepping out of their comfort zones, spreading their wings by becoming full-fledged entrepreneurs.

In the hopes to get those creative juices flowing, this segment is going to bring some of the most popular and lucrative trending online businesses to the forefront. Going digital has always been the future and everybody wants to cash in on the trend. Owning and maintaining an online business gives one the freedom to manage your business anywhere in the world, while simultaneously cashing in on the profits!

The first place to start is to choose an avenue that suits your passions, skills, and strengths. There is certainly no point in doing something you do not believe in or love. After all, we do spend roughly 70 percent of our lives at work, so choose something that also kindles your enthusiasm. Some of the most successful people in the world will confess that they absolutely adore what they do. Face it – it is definitely far easier to get up in the morning and feel motivated to pour your energy into something that stirs your soul and ignites your appetite for success and impact.

Now let’s get into it, shall we? Think of yourself as clay in a potter’s hands. Allow yourself to dream big dreams of colorful explosions. The online world is but a blank canvas and the sky is really the limit of your imagination, grit, and discipline.


Do you have extensive knowledge and business experience? Why not start your own business guiding aspiring entrepreneurs on the path to success? As a business consultant you will help new business owners get their gig off the ground and thereafter keep up with the demand. Focus on consulting within your experience and niche. You will gain confidence in your business by demonstrating your talents on bringing in clients and new business opportunities. Having solid testimonials will help to grow your brand. This is a lovely opportunity for someone who is good at mentoring, creative and good at project management.


This one is for our tech savvy mamas who have experience or knowledge in platforms such as Google Ads and Google Analytics. All business owners, big and small, realize the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) when it comes to driving traffic to their business. If this is you, then you can very easily set up your own online business, teaching business owners the power of SEO and transforming their websites to increase traffic. SEO is a BIG booming trend that will continue to be a “queen’ on the chessboard. No matter if you are a consultant or not, EVERYBODY needs to pay attention to SEO to be a power player on the WWW.


If you are using platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, you might have come across content from Social Media Experts who share their tips and tricks on how to create engaging content. This advice can range from how to plan your content, to what resource tools you can use or how to edit your next video. In the digital age we are living in, having a strong social media presence is vital. Many busy entrepreneurs lack the time and skill to successfully run their own accounts that tick all the boxes in this competitive world of online marketing. This leaves a huge gap and opportunity in the market for Social Media Consultants. These are experts that will handle and take care of running your social media accounts (such as big businesses who hire Ad Agencies or an entire team to manage this aspect), or simply guide you in the best tactics, posting schedules and content that will engage and target your audience.

This type of job is fantastic as it grants you freedom and flexibility to manage your portfolio. It’s an added benefit if you have some photography skills you can add into the mix of your professional package options.


Here is another great freelancing opportunity for an organized personality. A VA offers a range of services from making travel arrangements, booking appointments, taking calls or data entering just to name a few. According to my research, there are platforms you can showcase your skills on such as TaskRabbit and Zirtual. But of course, you can also advertise your skills on the MomBoss Platform. Grow your portfolio by getting your clients to post reviews and broaden your skillset as you expand.


Are you the IT guru that your family turns to whenever there is a glitch in their system? If so why not begin cashing in on your particular skillset by offering small businesses remote tech support? I have made use of this service on many an occasion personally. Whenever my PC needs an update, I just reach out to my guy Stanley in Kenya and he logs onto my computer using either an App called AnyDesk or TeamViewer.

It is certainly an advantage to have a qualification behind your name, especially if you want to land a bigger deal with a large business. In the meantime you can start establishing trust and goodwill by getting your clients to make recommendations and rating your service on your social media pages.


More often than not when taking classes we might find that we require additional attention and tuition to better understand the content. If you have ample experience and knowledge in a particular subject then you could easily set up a very lucrative hustle. Your time can be divided between individual Zoom Sessions to a group setting. You can also offer your tutoring skills in person. This is definitely a very viable business – if you are good at breaking things down and explaining, this can bring in an impressive income.

This is only just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making money online. There are numerous other avenues you could also investigate such as Translation, Drop Shipping, Content Writing or starting a Podcast. The sky really is the limit when it comes to making money online. Take the plunge and empower yourself by becoming your own boss and securing the future you deserve.

Article written by:

Lauren van Rooyen 

Founder MomBoss Kenya, South Africa and Dubai

CEO MomBoss MarketSpace 

Wife, Mother, Blogger, Influencer 

IG: https://www.instagram.com/mombosslauren_/

Email: lauren@mombossmarketspace.wpcomstaging.com

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