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What is MomBoss Constitution ?

Welcome to the MomBoss Universe!

We are a Women Empowerment Platform that offers females across the globe a safe space to be inspired and thrive. Our unique brand consists of various platforms including Private Female Only Facebook Groups where you can advertise for free on Tuesdays and Thursdays, ask for recommendations, share appreciations and post anonymous posts. Our public social media spaces include our Business Facebook and Instagram account @mombossmarketspace.wpcomstaging.com, as well as Twitter and LinkedIn. These are linked to our Website and Mobile App where we advertise and promote our MomBosses in Business, who are registered members of our global brand. We have our beautiful bi-monthly MomBoss Magazine as well as MomBoss LIVES that feature every Wednesday at 7pm on our Business Facebook Page.
In addition, we organize regular Come Tea with Me networking sessions. These events give the MomBoss an opportunity to empower herself with our guest speakers, to network and promote and to foster new friendships. Our MomBoss of the Year award has fast become a firm favorite, and each year we work to improve, innovate and perfect our concept and brand.

How to Lead Like a MomBoss ?

There is a big difference between a “boss” and a “leader”. To be a true MomBoss means you must strive to always LEAD by EXAMPLE.

These are the VALUES the MomBoss Brand stands for and encourages all its members to become a part of the MomBoss Movement.

  • KINDNESS – we are nothing if we are not kind. As the founder of the MomBoss Brand, Lauren van Rooyen always loves to say, “Kindness is the Key to Change.” This means practicing kindness in all aspects of life, not just on the MomBoss Platform.
  • HONESTY – we encourage honest practice across all our platforms. No matter if you are a MomBoss in Business, or just a regular member, honesty is the best police.
  • INTEGRITY – this is especially important for the MomBoss in Business. Without integrity, no business can ever be a true success.
  • IMPACT – we all have the ability to make a positive impact on the world and people around us. MomBoss is all about making an impact and we cheer on the MomBoss leaders who do the same.
  • INFLUENCE– did you know you have the capacity to be a good influence. To be a true leader, is to be mindful of the influence you have, and to use it wisely.
  • EMPATHY – a MomBoss is empathetic and slow to judge. She offers encouragement over criticism.
  • GRATITUDE – a MomBoss is humble and thankful. A little more gratitude can go a long way in leading a happier life and enjoying the life you have today.
  • COMMUNICATION – leaders are good communicators, and ready to delegate and take charge of situations.
  • HUMBLE – a true MomBoss admits her mistakes, sees her failures as an opportunity to improve and is thankful for her blessings.
  • CONFIDENT– being confident is essential. Remember you are unique and there is nobody else like you.
Members will be permanently removed from all our platforms should they be found guilty of:
  • Stealing
  • Cheating
  • Lying
  • Bullying
  • Abusing the platform for the purpose of which it was created

Rules of our MomBoss in Business

The MomBoss Brand strives to set the example when it comes to encouraging good business ethics. The same applies for all our paying members that participate on our public space.
In order to protect the integrity of our brand all paying members must adhere to a few simple rules:
  • Always advertise the correct price
  • No use of stock images as a form of selling items. Only pictures of the actual product in hand are encouraged
  • Honest and kind interaction with your clients
  • Deliver what you have advertised

Paying members will be removed (but not limited to) from the platform should they be found guilty of:
  • Stealing or cheating
  • Unethical business practice including false advertising and fraud
  • Blatant disrespect and rudeness to a customer
  • False advertising
  • Plagiarism

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