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ONLINE MARKETING TIPS & TRICKS – PART 2 – by Lauren van Rooyen

ONLINE MARKETING TIPS & TRICKS – PART 2 – by Lauren van Rooyen

Enjoy Part 2 in our series where we are highlighting some of our TOP tips and Tricks to take your online business into the future! 

TIP 3 


Having a Good database is a great way to engage with your customer or those showing interest in your brand. It is easy enough to get email addresses if you have a website that people can subscribe to in order to receive a newsletter. Let’s use MomBoss as an example. You sign up and get our free online MomBoss Kenya Magazine emailed to you monthly. Make sure your pop-up menu is fast and easy ensuring that people do take the time to fill it out.

If you don’t have a website you can obtain email addresses by running surveys on Facebook or competitions that require members to email their answers. Running “teaser” campaigns that promote a new arrival or big reveal can also help you get email addresses. Make your advert designs in such a way as to get your customer to pop their email address for more details.

SO how often should one email?

I have read a number of articles (and I should definitely beef up my own game here) and most resources I have watched or read suggests once a week. Keep your emails fun, informative, and remember the key is to provide value! Ask yourself what content you would like to read about.

You can send out professional emails using programs such as Mail Chimp or Mail Kitchen. These have great as they provide you analytics so you can track how well a particular email performed.

There are many more advanced techniques you can use to really drive sales and profit to your business through the use of email campaigns. Take the time to do a little online research and the benefits might just impress you!

TIP 4 


Facebook adverts are super effective and can be friendly on the pocket. I love it because you can target your advert to a specific audience by choosing the demographics that suit your brand and target audience.


BEST of all is now that we highlighted how useful building an email database is you can use this to create a “Facebook Lookalike Audience” but uploading your email list to Facebook. Since Facebook is super d duper cleaver, it will figure out your target audience based on the email addresses uploaded making your advert that more effective! Snazzy right! This will ensure your advert will have a higher conversion rate giving you more bang for your buck!







I can just hear you groan as you read this, but chin up MomBoss! It’s a necessary evil and should not be as complicated as you think. I have spoken many times on my own Lives that this is a great way to interact with your audience. Remember how I mentioned in my last “TOP TIPS” that consumers make purchases with their senses. Now you get to capture a few more. Not only that but people don’t just buy a product, they buy into YOU, and your brand.

Upload your best videos onto YouTube and embed the links on your website, blog posts, and social media pages. Keep in mind that you always want to provide value to your audience. You can have a look on YouTube what current topics are trending if you want to freshen things up. Don’t forget to engage with your audience by asking questions.

If you want to get a bit more technical you can look into great apps that can help you to edit your own videos to make them more professional. I will elaborate a bit more on this in another thread.

Lights! Camera! Action!



What tips do you have for others? What has worked for you and your brand?

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Lauren van Rooyen is the founder of the MomBoss Brand. She is on a mission to empower women globally in her efforts to spread a little kindness and inspiration along her journey. 

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