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STRUGGLE – By Anonymous

STRUGGLE – By Anonymous

Struggle is a word widely used to depict physical, financial, mental, emotional, or any other form of suffering that afflicts us as humans in our lifetime.  People are not hesitant to ask for assistance when they are experiencing physical and/or financial difficulties. While there is more often than not an outcome and people are willing to lend a helping hand, this does not appear to be the case when mental and emotional struggles are presented.

Mental and emotional struggles are often considered to be shameful, brought upon by the sufferer as being their own fault, a path they chose to follow!  These struggles are ignored by others and the sufferer is hesitant to talk about them as they are afraid of being judged, or that no one will believe them.  Asking for help poses a huge problem so they often suffer in silence, putting on a brave front while inside they are “dying”.

Mental and emotional struggles negatively affect their physical and mental health which leads to depression and thoughts of suicide.  As suicide is not a topic easily discussed, a person suffering mentally and emotionally may be reluctant to resort to this measure because they are afraid they will be called a coward and be viewed in a bad light.  It is only when the people closest to the sufferer sees the decline in their physical health that they realize something is wrong.  There are those who try to help but don’t succeed as the solutions they provide don’t work. Others prefer to ignore their plea for help because depression is a word the world does not want to hear as it is not a normal thing to go through in their view.

Speaking from personal experience, the past two years has not been an easy journey to recovery for me.  Despite seeing numerous therapists, they were not able to help me.  Talking to people I considered my friends,  I found that certain friends did not stand by me during the most difficult phases and the same friends who promised to be by my side were not there when I needed them. I get emotionally attached to people who “understand” me only to push them away because I lean on them too heavily.  This is hurtful as sometimes all I need is a hug from the right person at the right time to feel better.

My stress and anxiety has become so bad I don’t call it depression anymore.  Stress is putting a damper on my health and I find myself suffering from excruciating back and neck aches, headaches, etc, and I am distancing myself from the world. All I need is someone to talk to, someone who will listen; someone who will not judge me, someone who will hold my hand and tell me everything is going to be okay!

The moral of the story:  Be there for people when they need you because you never know when it might be too late and you are left with guilt and regret.  Be kind to people, for you haven’t walked in their shoes and don’t know what they are going through.  Don’t make promises you can’t keep, be there for your family and friends and their journey may just become a little easier!

With love and Light,


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