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Have you ever heard of the saying that, ‘A snack a day, keeps the sadness away’? Well, that is definitely not in the English books but, it applies to a normal day-to-day life. A day is definitely made brighter by trying out some snacks. They not only fill you up but also act as bitings as you pass on the hours. Perfect for break time, as a tea o’clock treat, or even in your evenings, these mostly vegetarian snacks will wow you with the first bite. Better yet, this array of snacks from Suli’s Magic Kitchen make a great addition to your brunch menu if you like hosting often. Let’s dig in finding out what they prepare, but be warned, you will salivate as you read on.

Spring rolls

Nicely folded deep-fried dough with vegetable filling is what makes these fresh spring rolls. At Suli’s Magic Kitchen, they have a specific technique where they actually either halfway fry them or fully fried version which is ready to eat. The halfway done spring rolls give you an allowance of going to fully prepare them at home in a five-minute bake or deep fry process. These well crunchy spring rolls on the outside use fresh vegetables like cabbage, carrots, spring onions, well spiced and flavorful. You can pair these with a bowl of soup or noodles, or use them as a starter.

With Kshs.1,200/=, you can get yourself the minimum order pack of the spring rolls, which has twenty of them


These triangular packets of filled and deep-fried dough are so legendary, especially from the Indian cuisine angle. They are as finger-licking as they look, with Suli’s Magic Kitchen having a variety of them for you to choose from, based on your taste buds preference. The pastry is crispy and it’s stuffed with spices, herbs, and dry cooked additions.

  • Vegetable samosa

This unique triangular samosa has vegetable fillings which range from potatoes, carrots, peas to others.

  • Vegetable ring samosa

It is quite similar to the vegetable samosa in terms of fillings, but the outlook is different. They are formed into rings, hence the pastry is folded in a woven, round form.

  • Paneer samosa

Paneer is a milk base, made from milk curd cheese and is tasty when used in a samosa filling. In the paneer samosas, Suli’s Magic Kitchen ensures that the filling is well spiced and salted so that you get a smooth flavor.

  • Zanzibar Samosa

  • You can also get the Zanzibar samosas which have a more Swahili orientation or order an assortment of these samosas.

For Kshs.1,200/=, you can enjoy twenty pieces of these lovely filled, fried dough.

Crispy Daal Bhajia

Daal refers to lentils, which are the tasty base of these snacks. The bhajia are actually lentil fritters that are molded by hand then deep-fried until super crunchy. These filling fritters are tasty when accompanied by some chutneys. Suli’s Magic Kitchen serves them with fresh accompaniments of coconut chutney, tamarind sauce, and a special home-made chili sauce.

You can make a minimum order of approximately 24 pieces (half a kilo) at Kshs.500/=

Daal Kachori

If you love Indian street food, this one is going to be your favorite. Kachoris are famous as a street food made with all-purpose flour, or whole wheat flour, and are known to have a rich filling made up of a mix of ingredients. Some of the ingredients include a variety of daals (lentils) whether moong or urad daal, peas, onions and Indian spices. These small balls have an explosion of flavor in your mouth and are best eaten fresh as the outside is well crunchy then.

At Suli’s Magic kitchen, you can get a minimum order pack which is half a kilo at Kshs.600/= Moreover, you can take advantage of a great deal where, if you add Kshs.200/=, your order comes with 300ml of fresh passion juice. With such a deal, rest assured the kachoris will go down your throat super smoothly.

Maatar Kachori

You can also choose to order the maatar (peas) kachori which are flaky crisp, deep-fried pastries filled with a spicy pea filling. This variety is best enjoyed with tea or juice as well.

For this order, you can get an extra fresh cocktail juice (mix of beetroot, mango, and passion) if you add Kshs. 200/= on top of your minimum order which is Kshs.600/= worth of half a kilo.

Having felt like your taste buds are tantalized from the imagination, it is time you satisfied your snacks craving and tried any or all of the Suli’s Magic Kitchen snacks. They are prepared fresh, and you can contact them through their social media platforms to make an order. Ensure you place your order in good time so as to allow them to source the freshest ingredients to serve you best. Enjoy snacking with Suli’s Magic Kitchen Snacks!

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Khilna Shah

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