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What is Tupperware?










Everyone is going crazy over these Tupperware products nowadays and it’s safe to say that it’s actually a product that has been with us for ages. Tupperware was patented in 1946, being developed over time to become the household name it is today. The term “Tupperware” is often used generically to refer to virgin plastic food storage containers (tubs) with snap close lids. Tupperware materials are well selected to the highest global food safety standards in plastics, making the storage containers using virgin plastic. They are therefore 100% BPA-free and in fact, since they use treated plastic, they are a different product from the plastics found on market shelves.

Why go for Tupperware products?

Do you often have leftovers that you want to refrigerate or keep sealed well without them spoiling? Then, Tupperware products were made for your household precisely. There are a variety of reasons why you should go on and confidently spend on these gems.


If you are health conscious, investing in Tupperware products will be one of the best decisions you’ll have made. They are non-carcinogenic which means that you are not predisposed to getting cancer from the plastic. Therefore, your food is safe to eat without having to change form by any means. This more so applies even if you use them in the freezer or microwave, as they are made well to suit such temperatures.

2)Environmental friendly

To most people, the number of plastics in our homes can be overwhelming. They are not biodegradable nor do we take them for recycling as often as we should. As a result, we constantly add more packaging to our foods from other plastics. Tupperware products are environmentally friendly in the sense that you don’t have to buy so many that get ruined. Since they are long-lasting, you are less likely to throw them out in exchange for other storage options that are unsafe for the environment. As a matter of fact, they are recyclable.

3)Has good guarantees

When you buy some Tupperware products, you are given a lifetime guarantee against them getting to chip. Peeling, splitting, and stress on the Tupperware products are also under this guarantee. You can rest assured that they get well replaced as soon as you report a claim.

4)Fair pricing

In comparison to other plastics, Tupperware products may be deemed expensive. In an actual sense, when you see the lifeline of the products, you’ll notice that they are worth it over the years. Considering that the products will not need constant replacement, nor experience a lot of change in form, your initial investment is therefore totally worth it.

5)Their make and outlook

Tupperware products are hardy, and not as weak as the normal plastic containers. If anything, they also come in colorful forms that suit any of your preferences. Since you are likely to stay with your Tupperware products for years, the virgin plastic used to make these products ensures that the containers are well designed with fitting lids to ensure that your food is well done.

Where can you use these products?

There is a wide range of uses for these containers. Some are microwave friendly, others are specifically for freezing while others are for storing foods like butter or bread under room temperature. You can also change your pantry with their airtight storage containers, available in many forms and colors. With their wide range of uses, you should invest in what suits you best. The beauty is that the products are so vast, suited to accommodate your kitchenware needs.

Tupperware products in Kenya

You can easily get to purchase your Tupperware products, from containers to plates and others from Greenzone Investments. Well active on social media platforms, this company deals exclusively in selling high quality South African Tupperware products that are not compromised in any way. They aim to ensure that every household is informed on the benefits of using Tupperware to the overall well-being of their health. Additionally, they offer people platforms for earning extra income by recruitment Tupperware sellers across the board.

There is nothing as good as owning a good quality, and long-lasting kitchenware. There’s not a single person who likes constantly replacing their storage items since they are dysfunctional. As such, investing in owning some good Tupperware products is a lifelong investment, assuring you of good health and great kitchen service. Get your amazing Tupperware products today and forget the other mediocre kitchenware you use that don’t serve you right. As a promise, you won’t regret it. Happy Tupperware products use!



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